jueves, octubre 30, 2008

Barruntando algo

Me gusta el verbo barruntar, es de etimología poco clara, el DRAE dice que proviene del latín promptāre, descubrir, pero bueno, eso es lo de menos, el tema es que llevo unos días de lo más inquieto.
I can feel something, I do not know what the hell it can be, I believe that loads of things are going to change in a very short time, I do not know why I am writing in English but I do need to write in this language. I do not think that is something related to me or my life (but it could be as well). I am confused because sometimes I've got good or bad feelings about something, and I have to say that most of the times I was right about what I believed, but this time is different and I don't know why, we'll see... Or not.

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Jajajajjajaa!! No me asustes!